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I’m researcher in the team Ecology and Evolution of Interaction Networks at the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris.


Study of biological diversity from both ecological and evolutionary perpectives.

Structure and stability of mutualistic and antagonistic networks

Species are involved in different types of interactions in ecological communities. For example, plants have mutualistic interactions with pollinators as well as antagonistic interactions with herbivores and pathogens.

Interactions between green and brown food webs in ecosystems

Non-trophic interactions related with the dynamic of abiotic resources can play major roles in ecosystems. In particular, food webs are based on primary producers whose growth is often limited by abiotic nutrients.

Global changes and ecological interaction networks

Environmental changes, such as agricultural intensification or urbanisation, can alter network structure in ways that likely affect the stability of ecosystem functioning and services.


I am currently researcher at the CNRS based in Paris.

I’m working in the team Ecology and Evolution of Interaction Networks at the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris.

One of my main research interest concerns how diversity and the structure of species interaction networks influence community properties, stability and ecosystem functioning.


Ongoing projects.



My starting project ECOSTAB is aiming to study some consequences of global changes on ecosystem stability.